Hello World! I'm Matt

Mobile | Firmware | Systems Design

My career is a journey through hardware startups, network goliaths, full stack exposure, agency development, bootstrap architecture, and team management.


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Little work happens by a single contributor, but instead is often alongside a team of incredibly talented coworkers who come together to build something awesome. This work happens on the backs of open source contributors who put in the extra hours to make building on top of great platforms possible. To those who helped in the building of these apps, thank you!

About Me


I learn best at the end of a firehose, with a nonstop flow of code and docs to experiment with. I aspire to surround myself with creators that are smarter than myself, get in over my head, and learn from the experience. I'll tinker with almost anything: my car, home hvac, or basically anything I can take apart. Sometimes I fix it, other times it breaks, but I enjoy learning how it works.
Outside of work, I'm usually hiking, biking, or on some adventure with my wife Jenny and our dog Annie.


Surround yourself with people that push you to do and be better. No drama or negativity. Just higher goals and higher motivation. Good times and positive energy. No jealousy or hate. Simply bringing out the absolute best in each other.
- Warren Buffet

Interested in working together? Have an idea you want to run by me? Want to grab a beer?
I'm not so much of a networker, as much as I enjoy meeting fellow developers in the area. I like listening to folk's career growth and hearing of their hardest challenges or where they've learned from failures.
Want to get in touch? Email me at matt@mattwood.dev